Room 203 is many things.

ROOM 203 is a test kitchen, a home for research & development, a classroom, a meeting place to celebrate life & food… Most importantly, it is a warm intimate space with an extensive culinary focus.

Restaurant Consulting
With an established roster of past and current clients (Lucien, Bellwoods Brewery, Bar Volo etc.), Room 203 is a meeting place to host Guy Rawlings' growing restaurant consulting business. This “homebase” will teach restauranteurs & chefs about efficient cooking techniques, menu planning & development, introducing new equipment and promoting modern methodologies. 

Workshop & Classroom
One of the most interesting aspects of Room 203 will be as a forum to host guest speakers and workshops. From bringing in expert leaders in food production, agricultural sciences, professors, and farmers, or inviting renowned chefs to Toronto, we have created an environment for cooks & industry professionals to gather and further their learning.

Special Event Space & Catering
Along with hosting our own special events, we invite the public to book Room 203 for their special occasions. Utilizing our strong event planning & catering experience, the space can host product launches & media events, bridal showers & bachelorette parties, executive meetings and so on…

Small Fries
A dinner series held at Room 203, where resident Chef Guy Rawlings will collaborate with others. Whether it be Chefs, Foragers, Farmers, Brewers, or Artists, Small Fries is an opportunity for people to be creative and expressive. The goal is to raise the standard and challenge the level of dining experiences happening in Toronto.